Aerated Batch Treatment

Batch technology, as its name implies, treats wastewater in “Batches”. This type of technology can be contrasted with other technologies that treat septic tank effluent in a continuous stream. The aerobic Batch-Treat process functions in an enclosed and liquid environment in a single tank module. Treatment is accomplished by turbulent aeration of incoming waste in an initial chamber and batch treatment of sewage in separate aeration and settling chambers. NPS proprietary Batch-Treat systems provide efficient wastewater treatment for applications such as Residential (Single Family Homes and Apartments), Gas Stations, Industrial Plants, Mobile Home Parks, Recreational Areas, Restaurants, Schools and Resorts. NPS Wastewater Systems Ltd. manufactures

NPS Batch-Treat Features

  • Noise and Odor Free

    • Highly efficient oxygen transfer and mixing ensures that the plant and effluent are essentially odor-free. The only mechanical operation is submersible pumps and, under water, these pumps are virtually inaudible.
  • Higher Operating Temperatures

    • NPS systems retain heat from incoming sewage, bacteria activity, and heat generated by the submersible pumps. Higher temperature increases enzyme and biological activity that increases the efficiency of the Batch-Treat process. The plant effluent has a high dissolved oxygen content, and does not freeze, except in extreme conditions.
  • Peak Load Reserver

    • The Reserve Volume zone in NPS systems acts as a buffer to absorb large sewage liquid inflows with minimal effect on the process. This volume retention and the Batch-Treat process cycle creates a longer liquid retention period than other systems.
  • Completely Automatic, Minimal Maintenance

    • All NPS Batch-Treat systems are completely automatic and require no regular supervision while operating. The only maintenance required is a periodic check and clean-down.