CA Series Systems

Biorotor CA SeriesCA BCA Series

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The NPS Batch-Treat CA Series Systems have five biological treatment zones:

  • Solids Retention Zone (A) to hold sewage until it is broken down for treatment.
  • Aeration Zone (B) to supply oxygen to the aerobic organisms.
  • Settling Clarifier (C) where suspended solids settle out of the final effluent.
  • Effluent Discharge Zone (D) that is pumped to the disposal field after the settling period.
  • The Reserve Volumn Zone (E) which acts as a buffer to absorb large inflows of sewage without affecting the Batch-Treat process.
Stage A

Standby Cycle

Stage B

Inflow Cycle

Stage C

Aeration Cycle

Stage D

Settling Cycle

NPSBatch-Treat Systems….Wastewater treatment for Cottages, Homes, Duplexes,Apartment Blocks.

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