Clearstream Wastewater System


The Clearstream System is one of the finest aerobic wastewater systems available today. Our system converts the sewage from your residence or business into a clear, odourless liquid. This high degree of treatment is accomplished at a remarkable low operating cost per month. The system has been simplified over the years to make it as inexpensive to operate and as low in long-term maintenance as possible. Homeowners who have lived with the nuisance of a septic odour lingering in their neighbourhood will truly appreciate the pleasure of owning a Clearstream System. Clearstream Model N comply with NSF Standard 40 for Class 1 systems.


Process Description

The Clearstream Wastewater Treatment System operates in the extended aeration mode of the activated sludge process.

Wastewater enters the aeration chamber of the system through a 4″ Sch. 40 PVC inlet pipe. The wastewater is then mixed throughout the aeration chamber by releasing compressed air near the bottom of the chamber through a fine bubble diffuser. The rising air bubbles transfer oxygen to the wastewater which allows aerobic organisms to thrive and ultimately decompose the incoming waste matter.

The turbulence caused by the rising air bubbles also creates a mixing pattern, which keeps the sludge in suspension. As incoming wastewater enters the aeration chamber, existing “mixed liquor” from the aeration chamber is displaced into the bottom of the cone-shaped clarifier.

The clarifier chamber allows the water to still so that suspended solids in the mixed liquor” can settle back into the aeration chamber for further biological breakdown.

The remaining clear water in the upper zone of the clarifier chamber is then discharged through the surge control weir and out the 4″ Sch. 40 outlet pipe.

When properly loaded and maintained, the aforementioned process allows the Clearstream Wastewater Treatment System to provide years of satisfactory service for the consumer. Clearstream Model N meets the performance requirements of NSF Standard 40 Class 1 with a 30-day average of <25 mg/l CBOD and <30 mg/l TSS. Actual NSF test results used to determine if Clearstream met Standard 40 requirements averaged 6 mg/l BOD and 9 mg/1 TSS

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Typical Multi Tank System

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