For over 20 years NPS Wastewater Systems Limited has been involved in the design, sales, installation and servicing of wastewater treatment systems. Configurations are available to handle flows of 400 to 50,000 Imperial  gallons per day  utilizing Rotating Biological Contactors, Aerated Batch Treatment Systems and Aerated Flow-Through Systems.

Typical Applications 

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NPS System Advantages

Modular Design
NPS systems are designed  so that systems can be economically modified after initial installation to accommodate changes in flow volumes or effluent quality.
Low Maintenance
NPS systems are designed for minimum servicing. Systems are self regulating and can compensate for wide fluctuations in loading and temperatures. Skilled operators are not required making them ideal for remote locations. Telephone/computer monitoring access technologies allow NPS to monitor wastewater systems remotely on a regular schedule.
Environmentally Friendly
NPS systems are virtually noise and odor free . Unlike other systems, there are no dead areas in an NPS plant to accumulate sludge or for exposed biomass to cause odors and provide a breeding place for insects.
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