NPS Biorotor

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The NPS BIOROTOR is part of an integrated wastewater treatment system and is available in capacities of 5,000 to 45,000 Imp. gal/day. The NPS BIOROTOR is designed as a module which can be economically modified after installation to adjust the treatment to changing volume and influent quality conditions. For most wastewater treatment applications, the standard and industry proven installation design is an anaerobic (septic) primary section, the biozone tank, a settling clarifier, and a pump or gravity discharge section. The NPS BIOROTOR system can be installed in a buried concrete vault, or arranged in a series of steel, concrete or fiberglass tanks installed on or below grade. Large systems, for example, can be transported by air or truck into remote sites and be in operation within two to four days.


The NPS BIOROTOR tube media is a proven performer in biological contactors. The plastic media is mounted on the rotor in solvent welded blocks, held by steel arms. The blocks are strong and can support a heavy biomass layer. Each tube has integral partitions that creates additional surface area for the biological growth to adhere to. This unique design feature creates a media with more surface area for the same rotor length and diameter than many plate or disc NPS’s and is extremely resistant to plugging.

Media Blocks

TubesRemovable media blocks with PVC tubes provide large surface areas for biomass growth. Mounted in the direction of rotation, all surfaces are exposed to new influent. (Click image to view full size)


  • Heavy-duty epoxy coated rotor and welded cage capable of supporting thick biomass loads with minimum deflection.
  • Heavy-duty double-row spherical roller bearings mounted in split-blocks for easy servicing.
  • Epoxy coated steel biozone tank with plate retainers set up in modules for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Oil-filled reduction gear box with totally enclosed drive motor.
  • PVC plastic tubes in solvent welded removable modules.
  • CSA approved electrical system utilizing NEMA-4 weatherproof cabinet enclosures with drive circuit breakers and alarm trip.

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