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"Rotating Biological Contactors" is a remediation technology used in the secondary treatment of wastewater. This technology involves allowing wastewater to come in contact with a biological medium in order to facilitate the removal of contaminants. In its simplest form, a rotating biological contactor consists of a series of discs or media blocks mounted on a shaft which is driven so that the media rotates at right angles to the flow of sewage.  The discs or media blocks are normally made of plastic (polythene, PVC, expanded polystyrene) and are contained in a trough or tank so that about 40% of their area is immersed. The biological growth that becomes attached to the media assimilates the organic materials in the wastewater. Aeration is provided by the rotating action, which exposes the media to the air after contacting them with the wastewater. The degree of wastewater treatment is related to the amount of media surface area and the quality and volume of the inflowing wastewater.

NPS Wastewater Systems Ltd. manufactures the NPS Biorotor, a proprietary rotating biological contactor technology that has proven to be efficient, reliable and economical. 

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